Training for Independent Medical Examiners

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IME Directory

Since 1999 SEAK's IME Directory has been the simple and professional way to obtain new IME clients.

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Live IME Seminars

SEAK has been conducting hands-on, interactive Category I CME IME Training seminars for physicians since 1997.

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IME Report Book

SEAK's best-selling, seminal work on how to both write and defend your IME report.

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This is SEAK’s long running and highly acclaimed training seminar which teaches you how to start, build, and run a successful IME Practice.

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IME Marketing DVD

SEAK's highly acclaimed seminar on marketing your IME practice is now available on DVD.

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IME Masters DVD

SEAK's most advanced IME training seminar is now available on DVD.

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Personal IME Training

SEAK works one-on-one with independent medical examiners to help them start, grow, and improve their IME practices.

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Onsite IME Customized Training

SEAK's highly-acclaimed interactive IME training can be brought onsite to your organization at a time convenient to you.

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Based on the SEAK IME Directory I have established relationships with 3 companies to do case review on an ongoing basis – the total number of cases per year is perhaps 250.  Another company has contracted with me for a fairly substantial writing/education project.  Four major contracts like this in a year with recurring business from each, amounts to a very substantial amount of business – just about on the verge of what I can handle as a solo practitioner in addition to my clinical practice.