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IME Directory


Since 1999 SEAK’s National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners has assisted thousands of independent medical examiners to expand their practices.  Our SEAK IME Directory is the simple and effective way to land new IME clients.  [Accounting for repeat and word of mouth business each new IME client can be extremely valuable (worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars)].

Your listing in SEAK’s National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners includes two listings for the price of one.  When you place your listing you will immediately be listed on SEAK’s interactive web site, In addition, you will also be listed in the next annual print version of SEAK’s IME Directory. This print version is distributed to thousands of case managers, adjusters, third party administrators, lawyers, IME companies and other referral sources.

Best of all, your listing in SEAK’s IME Directory is risk free. SEAK is proud to offer a 100% money back guarantee for physicians placing their first listing in our IME Directory.

For further details or to place your listing in SEAK’s IME Directory please click here or call 508-457-5150.

Here’s what your colleagues have to say about their listings in SEAK’s IME Directory:

“I’ve been in your catalogue for a little over a year for IMEs and Record Reviews and the few vendors I work with are wonderful.  Furthermore, I just got a referral for an IME from a new vendor and they found me through SEAK.  Thank you very much for all that you do for my colleagues and I.”

“Based on the SEAK IME Directory I have established relationships with 3 companies to do case review on an ongoing basis – the total number of cases per year is perhaps 250.  Another company has contracted with me for a fairly substantial writing/education project.  Four major contracts like this in a year with recurring business from each, amounts to a very substantial amount of business – just about on the verge of what I can handle as a solo practitioner in addition to my clinical practice.”

“I receive approximately 12 referrals per year through your Directory.”

“My most important source of new contacts for IMEs during the past year.”

“This Directory should be used by all physicians interested in performing IMEs.”

“The cost was, as you promised, offset very quickly. Add me to your list of satisfied clients.”

“The Directory has increased the number of referrals received.”

“A valuable source of IME referrals.”

“The Directory has increased the number of IMEs, especially for out of town referral organizations.”

“Provides me with at least two new referral sources each year.”

“The Directory was worked very well for my clinic and staff.”

“Has opened the door to new referral sources for my forensic practice.”

“A great source of referrals.”

“Resulted in a marked increase in my IME work.”

“Professional, helpful and productive.”

“I receive frequent calls from sources who otherwise would not know of my interest in providing IME services.”

“The SEAK directory proved to be one of our better sources of new leads this past year.  Probably our best advertising source other than our own website.”

“The SEAK Directory is my main source of new business. Thank you.”

“The SEAK IME Directory is Great!! They are finding me. It is stretching me to the next level.”

“From your SEAK Directory, I get about 7 to 8 inquiries a year, and about 2-3 cases.”

“I get 5 to 10 hits every year from the SEAK Directory.  It’s the best listing for me.”